With beautiful days, it is always nice to be outdoors, sharing moments with family or friends, perhaps over lunch. Sitting around a table is among the best ways to relax, exchange small talk and spend a few carefree hours, tasting something good and homemade.

To make everything even more special, you can indulge in your choice of placemats and runners: table accessories suitable even for a quick lunch, but capable of creating special and impressive atmospheres.



It all depends on the time and occasion, you can favor cotton, linen or opt for a sustainable and eco-friendly solution.

For a more elegant occasion, linen may be the right choice; cotton, on the other hand, is fine in a convivial moment to be spent on the terrace or in the garden. Placemats then are ideal when you must set the table on asymmetrical or peculiar surfaces, perhaps on a beautiful wooden table that would be a shame to cover with a tablecloth.

To add a bucolic touch, you can add a nice wicker basket with fresh flowers to place on the center of the table. At each seat, on the other hand, you can place napkins of the same fabric as the placemats but of a different shade to create contrast, rolling them around the cutlery and tying them with a string.

Another useful element for setting a table for an informal lunch in the garden is the runner. An accessory that can be simple, but also very "stylish" and can make all the difference.

Convenient because it lends itself to all types and sizes of tables and is entirely versatile. It can be used alone or over a plain tablecloth, being careful to avoid ton sur ton. Just choose the right shade and material to give a unique look to the table depending on the atmosphere you want to create.


Simplicity and practicality then for two accessories that, if chosen and used in the right way, will give your table an extra touch of personality and elegance.