Summer, evenings out and especially days at the beach to be enjoyed in total relaxation. During the warmer months we have a little more free time, and because of this we tend to organize outdoor dinners with friends and relatives, perhaps overlooking the sea, taking advantage of the ideal second home refuge to spend the vacations.

But have you ever wondered how a table should be set so that it can evoke the scent and especially the hues of the sea?

Here are some tips for you.

Surely colors are your "guiding spirit" for setting a beautiful sea-style table. Light blue, emerald green and cobalt blue are perfect for evoking the hues and depths of the sea. Pair them with light gray, sand and ivory and imagine long beaches, beautiful seashells and cliffs overlooking crystal clear waters. And then there's pure, delicate white to serve as the base for every occasion and tie everything together. But summer is also about sun and light, so why not choose to include some golden touches as well? You will make a splash!

For your summer table choose pure cotton or linen fabrics, just as for the tablecloth, placemat or runner a neutral shade or a soft sky blue is preferable.  The great thing then is to be able to play with accessories and tableware such as ceramic plates with original and sinuous shapes in colors that contrast with the light base of the tablecloth, for example, slate, bluette or turquoise, or opt for the more classic white in which case we recommend you match cutlery with a colored handle. For wine and water choose transparent carafes, there are nice ones with inclusions of blown glass elements reminiscent of the sea. And finally make place cards with seashells, decorated stones or little woods recovered from the beach, also insert some golden threads and the sea effect will be complete!

An additional idea

If you are organizing a special party and have a special message to dedicate to your guests, you can entrust it to a card inside a bottle, a playful and original solution that immediately refers to the sea and will not go unnoticed. To realize this idea you can choose to reuse some glass bottles, not too big, and insert a message written on a piece of parchment paper tied with a string. Your guests will be intrigued and amused by this all-summer game.