Increasingly warm weather, rising temperatures, and the need to be outdoors more and more.

Summer makes one want to start the day with breakfast in the garden or on the terrace. A moment to take it slower than usual, to be enjoyed alone or in the company of family and friends, strictly in the early hours of the morning, when the sun has not yet started to get too hot. At home or in your chosen vacation abode, perhaps overlooking the sea, mountains, or lake, live your special moment!

How to set the perfect breakfast table?

Some advice for you.

  • Study the space well before you start setting the table, even in a small corner you can recreate something magical for an excellent breakfast. The number of people is also important, as is the size of the table and the chairs used. If you have a few guests, don't forget to manage the space as best you can to make everyone comfortable.
  • Begin the task by equipping yourself with a lovely tray that can allow you to bring what you need to the table, making only one or at most two trips. The tray, if in keeping with the colors you choose for the table, can also be used as a piece of furniture.
  • Take from the refrigerator the fresh, flavored water you prepared the night before, the ready-made coffee pot or teapot, and all the dishes you need.
  • Also, bring along baskets where you can put bread or freshly baked croissants, and don't forget your favorite box of cookies and jams of different flavors so your guests can choose the one they like best.
  • To set the table you can choose a lovely linen or cotton tablecloth or opt for placemats that are more practical. Alternatively, you can also use a nice runner! To create a more cozy and beautiful ambiance, you can also play on the shades and contrasts between the base and the napkins.
  • If you have a way, arrange a beautiful vase of flowers as a centerpiece and create an atmospheric atmosphere by lighting a diffuser with relaxing essential oils. It will help you start the day with serenity.
  • All that remains is to add soft music in the background and keep it at a low volume, even if you have guests, it will still be a good way to take away any embarrassment and add that extra touch of glamour.

There, everything is ready to enjoy a pleasant breakfast and start the day with the right taste!