A family party, a child's birthday or an anniversary to be experienced at home or in the garden. Life can be all about celebration, you just have to want it and know how to organize good convivial and fun times. There is nothing more beautiful than sharing a special occasion with loved ones and people close to you.

To do this, however, it is very important to organize, set up the space, the right food and music, and a good guest list. So if you want your party to be a success, a little effort should be made not to overlook those details that can create the right atmosphere. 

The chosen space and lighting are crucial. If you have a garden or terrace at your disposal and the temperature outside allows it, take advantage of the adjoining room in the house as well, this way you will get a larger space. Create small areas of light to contrast with the dimness of the room. The combination of plants, scented candles of different shapes, small tables, comfortable armchairs, ottomans or cushions create delightful corners around which it is a pleasure to chat and relax. 

Blinking LEDs are ideal for dancing, but in certain places it is important to have a nice view. Use strands of light wisely to guide guests to the buffet and cocktail area that you will have identified and which, instead, should be well lit. 

At this point choose tablecloth, placemats or runners. All should be proportionate to the size of the table top on which they are to be spread, but they can also be stacked one on top of the other to make the table and table settings more informal and lively. The color, preferably neutral and solid, should harmonize with the furniture and the shades that characterize the room. 

You can be daring with some creative and original accessories that can add personality to your party, but you can also make special decorations according to the theme you have chosen for the reception and make guests enter an unusual and magical atmosphere. 

Give free rein to your imagination and ideas, but above all think about having fun, because if it is true that the party should be well organized, so should living it, sharing it and remembering it!