November for Americans is a special month, that of Thanksgiving, A not-to-be-missed tradition celebrated on the last Thursday of the month, which this year falls on the 24th. A day to celebrate at home with family, friends and loved ones. For Americans, Thanksgiving becomes an opportunity to gather around a table and spend time together without worrying about anything else.

A holiday to be experienced in every aspect, from organization to preparation of the table and home to recreate a festive atmosphere. A celebration that has "rules" to follow.


What is the origin of this tradition?

 The history of Thanksgiving is ancient and dates back to a holiday commemorating the Pilgrim Fathers who landed in Plymouth on the Massachusetts coast arriving from Europe. Their encounter with the native Indians gave rise to this holiday, which from the beginning was linked to the consumption of certain traditional foods.  


How to organize a special Thanksgiving? 

Here are some tips to make November 25 unforgettable:

  1. The table should be particularly well cared for. As in any self-respecting party, the ideal is to choose a beautiful tablecloth, elegant or more friendly, the important thing is that it is of quality and in a color appropriate to the occasion. If you choose it plain or with a classic pattern it will be easier to match it with those must-have fall elements.
  2. Table centerpiece. To make it even more beautiful you can make an ad hoc centerpiece; use candles, dried leaves and branches to make a beautiful decoration that will not go unnoticed.
  3. This is one of the must-have ingredients for a perfect feast. Take your time to cook it properly, follow the tradition and enjoy the moment.
  4. The final pie. Among the traditions to be observed is the classic "pie." The pie that for Thanksgiving can be made of apples, pumpkin, as well as sweet potatoes and blueberries. A good finish to the meal to celebrate properly!