Tables set for spending unforgettable moments and enjoying the beautiful season. Lunches or dinners to spend with family or friends, as well as birthdays to celebrate children. Lots of laughter and lightheartedness without thinking about anything. Although some little problems at the end of the party can be there. Like the need to remove the most difficult stains from tablecloths!

How to do it? A few tips for you and some quick and easy remedies to solve the problem right away.

Before you begin, it is useful to know that to avoid ending up with stains that are too complicated to remove, the ideal is to act as soon as possible. In general, to remove stains faster, it is always better not to use water that is too hot, but lukewarm or cold. Then it depends a lot on what kind of stain needs to be cleaned.


If the fabric is delicate and soiled with wine, the first step to remedy it is to apply salt or lemon juice to the area: the acid dissolves the stains without ruining the tablecloth. If it is gravy or some other greasy substance, you can, on the other hand, try to remove the stain with Marseille soap or some detergent you use for washing dishes.


A few more problems can be caused by fruit, especially when it comes to peaches or cherries. In order to act faster, without having to do many consecutive washes, one idea may be to let the fabric sit in water and baking soda for a few hours.

Another trick is to use a raw potato, which should be rubbed well onto the stain before letting the tablecloth soak in water.


If it is chocolate you can try to solve the problem by using mild soap and water with the addition of baking soda, scrub and let it sit for a while before washing it in the washing machine.


In the case of parties with children and difficult ink stains on the tablecloth, you can remove the stain with alcohol. Soak a cotton ball and rub it on the stains, and the result will be great.