A summer table, colorful, full of nuances and scents.

An ode to the joy of experiencing a few carefree moments outdoors, getting together with friends and taking a break from routine.

An emblem of conviviality and serenity, the table in summer, prepared on a beautiful terrace or in the garden, can be truly special.

How to dress it up to create the right atmosphere?

  • Start with the choice of materials, which cannot be left to chance. Cotton, linen or linen and cotton blends are ideal for a beautiful outdoor table;
  • Colors can be bright or muted; this also depends greatly on one's taste and decor. In the case of brighter shades, it is crucial not to go wrong with the combinations. With a bit of taste, even mix and match can give you a beautiful mise en place;
  • If you are undecided, prefer a white cotton base and then choose for the napkins the color palette, preferably muted from ivory to white;
  • For a simple breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and perhaps to be experienced with an excellent standing buffet, the choice of placemats and runners can also be the right one;
  • Then don't forget about the lights; if it's evening, candles are also suitable for creating the atmosphere and making everything more magical;
  • The addition of a place card made with a beautiful seasonal flower or some other sustainable and natural arrangements will be greatly appreciated;
  • Along with flowers, which should not be missing from the table in summer, you can also add an extra splash of color with fruit. Use a large white ceramic riser to put as a centerpiece, fill it with seasonal fruit and make it extra special!


Simple precautions, however, make all the difference in welcoming friends and family home for lunch, a sunset aperitif, or a summer dinner.

Ideas for recreating the right spaces, having fun, and worrying about nothing!