Colors, hues, shades. Important details that should not be underestimated when preparing a special table for an event.

The holidays are getting closer and closer, and preparing in time is the best way to create the right atmosphere in your home where you can receive friends or relatives for a toast or dinner.  

Before we begin, some small clarifications about colors should be made.
There are primary ones (red, yellow and blue), secondary colors and tertiary colors. Secondary ones (green, purple, orange) are generated by mixing primary colors, while tertiary ones (blue-purple, purple-pink, red-orange, orange-yellow, lime green, teal) are obtained by putting primary and secondary ones together. Only then will you have the widest choice and all possible combinations.

Now on to color matching for each of your occasions.

The monochrome. Choose a single hue to set the table and decorate your home. Use the shades you prefer starting with just one color. In this way you can have an elegant and clean result for an atmosphere that will be simple, but certainly pleasing and one that everyone will agree on. Insert golden touches with themed objects or centerpieces to enhance your mise en place.

If color contrast is your guideline, opt for complementary colors, that is, those that face each other on the color wheel. Complementary colors are the most common palettes because they "complement" each other perfectly. For example, at Christmas a red and a green would look great. In this case, however, you have to pay attention to the juxtaposition of the other colors, to avoid the "Harlequin" effect, but with a bit of flair you can create solutions that are sure to impress.

Do you like to be daring...but not too daring? Then go for analogous colors. Choose three or more colors next to each other on the shade wheel. For example, start with a bright pink, move toward a softer pink to veer toward a salmon color, and match two complementary colors. That's how you compose your personal palette that will make your table unique.

Don't overdo it! The important thing is to pay attention to the occasion and the holiday to be celebrated. Don't underestimate the seasonality or the period you're living in. The right colors, as you know, also reflect your personality. To make sure you don't go wrong, rehearse and test the idea you have in mind in good time!

Happy holidays!