A party in the garden, a lunch or dinner with the family, an important event, or a holiday to be celebrated: for every moment it is essential to choose the right tablecloth.

But how to do it right? What are the aspects to evaluate?

Certainly, must be taken into account the size of the table that must be covered, the type of fabric, the colors best suited to the environment and the moment to be lived or celebrated.

Cotton, linen, and sustainable fabrics can be suitable for different occasions. For a garden party, for example, cotton is the right choice, for a snack or an informal meeting instead, prefer the eco-friendly one, for a ceremony or a more formal dinner, linen or linen blend are the most suitable fabrics.

As for the size, first define which table to use (round, rectangular or square) and then opt for the tablecloth strictly of the same shape. If your table is square or rectangular measure the entire width and length from one end to the other, if the table is round, measure the diameter of the table.  Carefully evaluate the fall of the tablecloth, that is, the space between the edge of the table and the point where the fabric ends: it is important that it is uniform on both sides. Also in this case is the occasion to make a difference, the formality asks a fall that can vary from 38 to 78 centimeters, for a convivial moment with friends and family, however, it may vary from 20 to 30 centimeters.

The color depends a lot on personal taste, the decor of your home, the mood of the evening or the occasion and the dishes you choose to put on the table. A neutral shade is ideal for a ceremony, a brighter color for a more joyful and sparkling moment. You can also indulge yourself by combining a classic white tablecloth with a runner of another color, or play with the napkins and tableware to dare more, but avoid "color bickering" and keep in mind that harmony is essential to create a welcoming environment and to make your guests feel at ease.

One last tip so you don't go wrong, always keep in mind the seasonality and why not, even the trends of the moment!