Summer is almost here, long evenings to be enjoyed, and there is no better way to do so than by throwing a garden party for your family or friends.  Free your imagination and customize the atmosphere to make your table look inviting and delicious.

Choose a white tablecloth — a neutral color that is not overwhelming, instead enhances your table accessories and suits any type of decoration. Why not lay a runner along the center of the table and embellish with a summery centerpiece? Flowers are obviously a go-to for every summer table decoration. On an 8-person table, for example, you can place at least three small compositions along a runner in the center of table. The size of the composition is important — make sure your guests can all see each other and chat.

Alongside the runner you can place matching or contrasting placemats and napkins of the same fabric for each guest — much more elegant than paper napkins. To add a touch of color, select those embellished with a colorful border or piping.  

Silverware looks best when placed next to the plate on a beautiful placemat. Salt and pepper shakers, water jugs, oil bottles and bread baskets can also be decorative elements — just choose beautiful materials, such as glass, metal, ceramics, and wicker.

Lighting is also important to evoke the right atmosphere. Place floor lanterns at different points in the garden and use floating candles in bowls on your table. You are guaranteed to impress your guests!