Trick or treat? A phrase that on the night of October 31, Halloween, brings everyone together.

Everywhere children, and often adults as well, enjoy going from house to house to experience the night, which in Catholic tradition is the Day of the Dead that precedes the one dedicated to the Saints and in the Celtic and older tradition, on the other hand, commemorates the end from the warm season and the beginning of that of darkness and cold. On the scariest night, everybody goes out thanks to decorations with cobwebs, ghosts and pumpkins, but also to the most diverse and original disguises.

A tradition that has increasingly become a fun holiday for young and old alike, who for the occasion indulge in the most terrifying pumpkin carving, cookies reminiscent of ghosts and pies including the most traditional one in America: the Marshmallow Pumpkin Pie.

But where did all this come from?


October 31 has always been a special date in the Catholic calendar, In English "All Saints' Day" and in its older denomination "All Hallows' Day." In earlier times these celebrations began at sunset on October 31, the evening was called "All Hallows'Eve" shortened later to Hallows'Evene and then to "Hallow-e'-en" and then "Halloween." Declinations of the name of a holiday that has remained intact over time and has not changed its deep meaning: a solemn moment where, according to legends, the spirits of the dead could join the living for a night and where the transition from the warmer season to the harsh and cold season was celebrated. A tradition that is still celebrated today with a touch of modernity and goliardia.


Party equals friends and fun! That's why even on Halloween you can't miss the opportunity to decorate your home and table in the perfect way.

The ideal way to impress is not to skimp on decorations; spider webs, spiders, skeletons, dried leaves and scary decorations are the best choice. Perhaps all this on a neutral, solid-colored tablecloth. You can choose white or a deep gray so the decorations can stand out even more. 

You can then dare even further with napkins, glasses and place cards. On the first two you can indulge with some themed purchases, and on place cards pumpkins take center stage. Carve some rather small ones and make a difference!