On the table, summer shades give that extra touch of cheerfulness and happiness, especially if you have to organize a fun party with family or friends.

 You can add color either by using details-even extravagant ones if you want to be a bit daring-or by choosing brightly hued tableware and out-of-the-ordinary glasses, but also by putting seasonal recipes on the table that are tasty not only to eat but also to see.

 To start, the ideal is to choose a plain tablecloth, perhaps white or cream, so you have a neutral base to start with. If you opt for linen and cotton you better respect the summer and vacation mood.

 It then depends on the occasion: another way to remember summer on the table can be to play with details, with decorations and placeholders that you can recreate with some recycled material, perhaps using shells and woods found at the seaside, or getting inspired by a walk in the mountains and nature.

 Speaking of color, you can also decide to organize a theme night, all white for example, following the fashion of the moment. Occasions where color dictates the rules make for a lot of summer as well as entertaining organizers and guests. You don't need who knows what location, just decide on the common thread of the evening, and share it with the guests.

 In summer, the great thing about recreating the atmosphere that only this season can offer is that a little bit of everything is possible. You can eat in a setting that can be as romantic as a vineyard or a terrace overlooking the sea or experience a special evening in a meadow under the stars.

 All kinds of tablecloths, placemats and runners if chosen and matched in the right way, can recreate that perfect atmosphere to take your mind off things and enjoy the beautiful summer evenings!