Colors, scents, lengthening days.

Welcome Spring.

After winter, the season of rebirth kicks off.

Cooler, warmer and lighter, spring makes people want to be outdoors.

In the garden or on the terrace for an informal lunch or an intimate and elegant dinner, in the warmer months every opportunity is good to get together.

But how do you set a beautiful spring table, where dishes made from recipes that are tasty as well as light and multicolored will be on display?

Some advice for you:


Space for colors.
Hues should not be lacking. They can be muted or bolder, but always combined with a white tablecloth. For a lighter effect, the use of runners or placemats is great. If, on the other hand, you choose more classic shades such as beige and sand for the base, it is advisable to match it with a decorated napkin or with a bolder solid color, in which case you could also opt for some brightly colored plates or glasses.


Flowers cannot miss.

It's spring, and flowers are at the center of everything, including the table.

Fresh, fragrant, and colorful, to beautify and give that welcoming touch you need to make guests feel good. Take a walk in the fields and gather flowers, herbs, put them together with a string or create small bunches to use as place cards or as small decor items to put here and there on the table.

Let your imagination run wild and try to use what you have around you without buying anything extra, nature in spring can give you a lot!


Impress your guests.

Sometimes very little is needed. To make your mark and impress those who come to visit you for lunch or dinner, you can also create something special with the technique of reusing and recycling.

Think about the jars you have used and perhaps stored in the winter. You can use them to put little plants or flowers to decorate, or you can close the napkins with a wicker ring or string so that you can give a country chic touch to your table. You can also use wicker baskets varying in size and color as containers for bread, and perhaps you can get creative with chairs to finish. Choose them in wood, vintage style and if you want, color them! Cream, for example, will be perfect for a shabby chic style.


Simple ideas to make your spring table even more beautiful and to recreate a pleasant and festive atmosphere!