Luxurious fabrics, silky soft feel, and elegant finishes—this is Made in Italy excellence by CASAROVEA. All our products are expertly designed and crafted by masters in the art of outfitting prestigious international hotels and restaurants. Our fine bed, bath and table linens are now available for the home, so you too can enjoy the five-star luxury of our exclusive textiles. Create your own intimate world, a place to share unique emotions and unforgettable moments. Give your home a touch of personality and elegance and let yourself be inspired by our collections. You are sure to find the perfect pieces to enhance your décor and pamper your mood.


The history of CASAROVEA is based on family, tradition, a passion for textiles and a cultural identity firmly rooted in Italian craftsmanship. We have been creating unique pieces for the hospitality industry since 1976. Our production chain is all-Italian, and our tailoring combines style, design, and artful selection of prime raw materials. We are highly detail-oriented and make the most of both traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Our story began in one of the most influential design hubs in Italy, just outside Milan, where founder Gelmino Rovea established a firm that would soon become a leader in textile production and sales. Since then, our linens have graced stylish hotels and classy restaurants, both in Italy and abroad, as well as cruise ships, yachts, wellness centers and airlines. Gelmino’s children, Stefania and Andrea Rovea, soon joined the firm, bringing their own unique contribution and investing in people, research and technology. Our business model has been optimized for greater performance, efficiency and sustainability. In 2010, we launched CASAROVEA, a brand whose mission is to bring Made in Italy excellence in home textile production, unique for its style, quality and sophistication, to a worldwide clientele.


Our textiles production is based on sound manufacturing skills, technological innovation, and careful attention to every stage of the production chain. Our meticulous research into fine raw materials enables us to create durable fabrics of the highest quality. Every product in each of our collections is the fruit of the sensitive creativity of our stylists and designers, who carefully study colors, shades, trends, cuts, shapes, and materials to breathe life into new, exclusive household linens that you will love forever after. Our product personalization service means that you can dress your interiors with style and elegance on every occasion. CHOOSE THE UNMISTAKABLE STYLE & CLASS OF MADE IN ITALY. CHOOSE THE QUALITY OF CASAROVEA FOR YOUR HOME.


We are proud of the quality and excellence of our products, and as we have grown, we have strived for and obtained a series of certificates that testify to our success.

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