The star of every meal, a tablecloth is not only a beautiful dressing for your table, but also an important element for elegantly enhancing the occasion and emphasizing your personal style. Whether it is a family reunion, a romantic dinner, a garden buffet or a special event, it is essential that your tablecloth is selected with care, and maximum attention to the overall balance.

When choosing the perfect tablecloth, we need to consider 3 major factors:

Colors and patterns

Which fabrics to choose

100% linen, linen cotton, eco-friendly linen cotton or 100% cotton?
For our collections we have chosen only natural fibers—carefully selected raw materials that we handle with artisanship and care, following the age-old textile tradition that CASAROVEA is famous for. Our production methods result in fabrics of the highest quality that are very durable and easy to care for, but that at the same time represent the peak of elegance.The choice of tablecloth fabric will depend on both the occasion and your personal taste. For a family lunch, dinner on a yacht, a casual get-together or children’s snack or buffet, cotton fabric or a linen and cotton blend are a great choice. For more formal occasions, romantic dinners, or important anniversaries, it is better to opt for a more refined fabric such as linen.

The size of your tablecloth

Rectangular, square, or round, the shape of the table conditions the choice of tablecloth—always choose a tablecloth of the same shape as your table.If your table is square or rectangular, measure the entire width and length from one end to the other; if it is round table, measure across from edge to edge at the widest point, passing through the center.The tablecloth drop, that is the fabric between the edge of the table and the hem, must be uniform on all sides. Its size will depend on the type of occasion:
For informal occasions with family and friends, the drop should range from 20 to 30 cm on each side.
For more formal occasions (e.g., a wedding or a gala dinner), we would recommend a longer drop, from 38–76 cm.
Following this simple rule makes it easy for you to calculate the right size of your tablecloth.

Here are some examples:

For an informal meal at a rectangular table measuring about 48"x 85" (120 x 215 cm), the ideal tablecloth should measure 70"x 108" (178 x 274 cm).

For an informal meal at a square table measuring 48"x48" (120x120 cm), your tablecloth should measure 70"x70" (178 x 178 cm).

What are the ideal color combinations?

Another important aspect in choosing your tablecloth is the color. To get the right one, you need to take into account consider:
The décor of your dining room or the environment in which the table is to be laid (garden, yacht, terrace, dining room)
How your tablecloth will look with the dishware, drinking glasses and silverware that you will use for the occasion
The type of occasion or event
Your personal taste
The season
You cannot go wrong with a tablecloth of a classic color such as white, pearl or ivory. These easily combine with any type of furniture and adapt to any occasion.If you want to add a touch of color, you can opt for two overlapping tablecloths of different sizes and complementary shades. For example, a white tablecloth placed over a colored one with a longer drop will be sure to look beautiful. Alternatively, you could choose napkins and a beautiful runner of contrasting colors to place on a white tablecloth for a big impact.

Select the colors that reflect the season and, above all, your own taste, to give a personal and exclusive touch to your table dressing.

The ideal tablecloth for every occasion

Hosting a meal is an art form—you need to create the right mood to make your guests feel perfectly at ease. That is why it is very important to pay attention to every single detail. Dishware, drinking glasses, centerpiece, runner, placemats, and napkins can be artfully combined with the ideal tablecloth—the highlight of your table dressing. On every occasion there is a very precise code for choosing the right tablecloth: for elegant, formal occasions, it is preferable to choose chic tablecloths made of fine fabrics such as Flanders linen and in sober colors combined such as white, cream or ivory.For fun events you can play a little with the color scheme, but you must be sure to get the right combination. Choose a colored tablecloth with neutral accessories (white or ivory), or a neutral tablecloth with colored borders and matching or contrasting napkins, runner, and placemats for optimal effect.

A runner is an elegant way to enhance your tablecloth and enhance your display. It is a strip of fabric, about 19" (50 cm) wide, that can unite diners seated at two ends of the table or add a decorative touch to another item of furniture.

Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, placemats and matching napkins to mark the places at the table are the perfect solution for both formal and informal dining.
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