cuddle (cotton)

A warm and welcoming embrace for you and your dinner guests thanks to the CUDDLE line from the COTTON collection. The solid satin finish with jacquard applied hem bring Italian style and charm to your table. Cuddle tablecloths are made of premium-quality 100% cotton, whose long fibers confer softness, strength and durability to the fabric. Cuddle is available in 3 delicate shades: white, ivory and platinum.


The pleasure of eating together around a beautifully laid table is the ethos behind the CUDDLE tablecloth. Made of the finest 100% cotton, with long fibers to provide the maximum strength and durability, Cuddle tablecloths are as soft as soft can be. The satin finish with jacquard applied hem lend an air of great refinement, transforming every meal with your loved ones into a special occasion. Available in 6 rectangular and 2 square sizes, you can choose from three delicate colors to suit your décor: purest white, warm ivory and the bright and sophisticated platinum. Discover the other products in the COTTON collection and complete your dining set with impeccable style. 
Washing instructions
Cuddle tablecloths are made from 100% long-staple cotton, which makes the fabric soft, strong, and durable. It can be washed in the machine on a gentle cycle at low temperature. You should not use fabric softener, or bleach on any stains. Wash dark colors separately.
Ironing instructions
Consult the label for ironing temperature. Before you begin, always test a small, hidden part of the fabric.
70"x70"-178x178 cm 
 70"x90"- 178x228 cm 
 90"x90"- 228x228 cm 
 70"x108"- 178x274 cm 
 70"x126"- 178x320 cm 
70"x144"- 178x365 cm 
 70"x162"- 178x412 cm 
 70"x180"- 178x457 cm
100% Cotton 

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