Linen is an age-old fiber, prized by the Egyptians, Etruscans, Greeks and Romans. In the Middle Ages, the entire economy of Flanders was based on its linen production, which persisted until the Industrial Revolution. Nowadays, linen is used to make luxury household linen—durable but at the peak of elegance. Naturally, we have chosen the best Flanders linen for our LINEN collection—the finest and most highly regarded. To enhance its value, we weave it in our workshops with artisan care using traditional techniques. A classic, timeless fabric that allows you to dress your table with the finest Made in Italy style.


Soft to the touch and practical, our COTTON LINEN collection is an expert blend of two precious natural fibers, cotton and linen. Thanks to CASAROVEA’s Made in Italy production and textile tradition, the finished products retain the shine and freshness of the long-yarn cotton, and the refinement of the best linen Flanders has to offer. Crease-resistant and strong, this beautiful fabric is the ideal choice for an elegant table dressing.


The COTTON COLLECTION is a household linen classic. Versatile and practical, but at the same time very chic. It is made of premium quality 100% cotton according to the CASAROVEA’s textile tradition, and strictly Made in Italy. The yarn that we have selected, thanks to its long fibers, makes the fabric soft, silky, strong and durable, and less prone to creasing. The entire collection is embellished with a jacquard pattern to give your dining area a beautifully welcoming atmosphere.


Sustainability, environmental protection and selected high-quality raw materials are the hallmarks of our ECO-FRIENDLY collection. The cotton and linen we use come from organic farms and are grown without the use of pesticides protecting with the environment. A natural blend that will captivate you with its soft texture and delicate freshness. Produced according to the Italian textile tradition by CASAROVEA, this collection comes in a variety of styles and colors, and is perfect for any occasion, from the most elegant to the most casual. It is practical and durable and can withstand frequent washing.
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